Work out your legs at our all-levels Tap Tonic fitness program or build up a vocabulary of sounds, terminology, timing and rhythm in technique classes (when offered).


Beginner to Intermediate


Low to Moderate Low Intensity


Comfortable workout attire and tap shoes. If you don’t have taps, sneakers can work for Tap Tonic fitness.

Stomp, shuffle and spin into shape!


Make music with your feet as you dig (pun intended) into tap technique at our weekly classes! Since tap tends to draw a smaller pool of dancers, our instructors have designed their programs to serve a variety of skill levels within the same class. For absolute beginners, we recommend a few private lessons in conjunction with our mixed levels beginner class. For more experienced tappers, check out the Advanced Beginner/Intermediate section. And keep tabs on our newsletter for occasional student performance opportunities at community shows throughout the year!

Here’s a sample of some of our technique levels:

Tap Technique – Absolute Beginner: For those brand new to tapping, this is where to start. After a methodical breakdown of the basic steps, you’ll drill through a series of exercises to polish each sound. Finish up by piecing together a few short routines. (Offered on occasion as a mini-series or “Tap Bootcamp.”)

Tap Technique – Beginner: Build up from the basics as you practice a variety of technical exercises and apply them to musical concepts. In addition to breaking down sounds, you’ll also travel across the floor and learn short combinations. No experience required, however the pace of instruction is designed to accommodate a range of beginners: brand-new tappers as well as those returning to tap after some time away.

Tap Technique – Adv. Beg/Intermediate: Utilize your tap skills to learn rhythmic phrases and practice them with many different styles of music. Participants should have at least 6-12 months of prior experience and feel comfortable with movements such as flaps, shuffles, brushes, digs and time steps. Combinations are progressive over 3 week periods — if you’re dropping in please email us to find the best week to join!

Don’t see the level you need? If you have a group of friends at the same pace, contact us to see about setting up a small group mini-series or semi-private lesson!

Tap Tonic

Whether you tap danced as a kid or never set foot in a tap shoe, our Tap Tonic fitness class is the place to be. You don’t even need tap shoes, though we guarantee you’ll want a pair once you get hooked!

Class begins with fast-paced, continuous movements to loosen up the legs. Expect lots of hops, shuffles, stomps, runs, fa-laps and more. If you don’t know these terms, don’t stress — all you have to do is follow along. The steps are basic enough for most beginners to pick up, yet fast enough to challenge those with tap experience. Expect an upbeat, exhilarating aerobic workout, with the additional benefits of toned leg muscles, improved balance and tightened glutes.

Because we tend to get a number of experienced tappers in this mixed-levels class, we encourage beginners not to compare themselves with other students, hard as that may be. As with our other fitness programs, we’re more concerned with how much you’re sweating and smiling than how well you’re executing each move. Nobody minds if your sounds don’t match or you miss a few steps — we promise.

Just to reconfirm: No, you don’t need to have tap danced before. No, you’re not too old. No, you don’t need tap shoes. No, you won’t look silly. So, let’s get tapping!

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