Tap Tonic

Stomp, shuffle and spin into shape with this ridiculously fun tap dance workout!

Credit Brian Mengini Photography

Brian Mengini Photography

Whether you tap danced as a kid or never set foot in a tap shoe, if you want to tap, this class is for you. You don’t even need tap shoes, though we can’t promise you won’t buy a pair once you get hooked.

Class begins with fast-paced, continuous movements to loosen up the legs, because you’ll be working them hard for a solid 50 minutes. Expect lots of hops, shuffles, stomps, runs, fa-laps, digs and more. If you don’t know these terms, don’t stress, you’ll just follow along. If you do, great — that means you can work even harder. The steps will be basic enough for any beginner to pick up, yet fast enough to challenge even those with tap experience.

Next, the instructors will launch into a series of routines, breaking down the steps so you can practice – and sweat some more – before putting everything together to the music. Speaking of which – don’t plan on belting along to show tunes. You might hear a teeny tiny bit of that, but mostly you’ll be dancing to a wide range of pop and top 40.

As with our other fitness programs, we’re more concerned with how much you’re sweating and smiling than how well you’re executing each move. You’ll certainly learn actual tap fundamentals, but don’t worry if you get every last sound of every rhythm. What you will get is a high-energy, exhilarating aerobic workout, with the additional benefits of toned leg muscles, improved balance and tightened glutes.

So, just to reconfirm: No, you don’t need to have tap danced before. No, you’re not too old. No, you don’t need tap shoes. No, you won’t look silly. So, let’s tap that, yes?

Tap Tonic

Adult tap fitness (ages 14 and up)

  • Tuesdays from 7:15 p.m. to 8:05 p.m. with Sherrilyn AND
  • Thursdays from 6:15 p.m. to 7:05 p.m. with Pam or Jaye
  • Both at Midtown (2nd floor of NEST, 1301 Locust St.)
  • Cost: $12 drop in, one punch on a class card or FREE for members.
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire and sneakers. Of course, wear taps if you’ve got them.

NEW! Semi-Private Tap Technique

We’ve got your tap workout covered, now come and join us to polish your technique! Starting in October 2014, we’re offering a 30-minute weekly small-group class for beginner to intermediate students to brush up on tap sounds, terminology, timing and rhythm. Class will be held right before our Thursday night Tap Tonic fitness class, so you can stay afterward if you like to cap off your hard work with 50 minutes of cardio fun. Semi-private classes are offered for $10 per person. (A minimum of four students is required to hold the class — please email us or speak to Pam before or after our Tap Tonic fitness classes to enroll if you are new to our program.) Read more details about the program here.