SwingFit: Swing your way into shape!

Add a twist – and some swivels and triple steps — to your workout routine with our brand new SwingFit class.

Lindy Hop originated in the late 1920s in conjunction with swing jazz. Though the upbeat partner dance became less popular after World War II, it resurfaced in recent decades, and is still popular in many parts of Europe and the United States. In fact, you can find a thriving Lindy (and blues dancing) scene right here in Philadelphia, with open social dances every week.

We’ve put a cardio-fitness spin on this classic swing dance form so you can get a workout while you learn.

Class begins with a warm-up that includes a review of Lindy Hop and East Coast swing basic steps. After that, it’s drill time! Run through a series of jive, swing and lindy movements to get your feet and heart hoppin’.

During the second half of class, you’ll partner up to practice your new skills to a variety of jazz standards. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner – everyone will rotate in class. Likewise, no swing dance experience is required, so there’s no reason not to rock-step out with us. Perhaps we can even inspire you to check out the local social dancing scene.


  • When: SwingFit is currently on hiatus but we offer occasional East Coast Swing classes as well as private lessons through our sister company, Ballroom Bliss. Check back for updates!
  • Cost: $12 drop in or one punch on a class card. FREE for members.
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire and supportive shoes. Smooth soles or jazz sneakers are ideal to help with swiveling movements, but sneakers work, too.