Sizzlin’ Summer Sale

August 2, 2020 

It’s been a pretty steamy summer, so we’re closing out the season with a sizzling hot half-price deal on virtual day passes!

Pay only $6 to access ANY live classes broadcast during the date of purchase. We’re running four to six classes each day, so that’s a whole lot of dancing for just a few bucks!

  • Simply click the link below and enter promo code: sizzle6
  • Sign up for class in Mindbody, then look for an email confirmation containing a unique password.
  • Go to at class time, click the video player and enter your password in the pop-up box.
  • Valid on the date of purchase only.
  • Use the discount code up to 3 times before August 15, 2020!

Important notes about using the Virtual Day Pass:

We switched these passes over to MindBody last month in hopes of making it a little easier for students without unlimited plans to book and keep track of classes. However, since the professional livestream service we use doesn’t integrate with Mindbody, we must manually create daily passwords. This is why virtual day passes are set up to be used within a day of purchase. If you try to use one to register for a class several days out, it will be “expired” by then.

Since there aren’t capacity limitations on the virtual dance floor, there’s no pressing need to register far in advance. Of course, we totally get it if you like to plan out your week ahead of time. If that sounds like you, consider an unlimited week or month pass, which will allow you to schedule classes 1-2 weeks out.

Also, please be sure that you have email and/or text alert reminders turned ON in your Mindbody profile, otherwise you will not receive your livestream password. After purchasing the day pass in Mindbody, you will first get an email receipt. Then you will need to sign up for a specific class on the schedule to trigger a confirmation containing the daily password. If you don’t get this confirmation, contact us for help. You only need to register for one class to receive the daily password, then you can use that code to stream any other live classes that day — there’s no need to make additional bookings within Mindbody.

To recap, when using a day pass:
  • Remember to purchase and book on the same day that you want to take class.
  • Enable “reminder alerts” in your Mindbody profile so you don’t miss the registration confirmation containing the daily access code. 
If you have any trouble finding your password or accessing the livestream, please call, email or put a note in the livestream chat box right away so we can help you get into class as quickly as possible. Thanks for your support and we’ll “see you” soon!

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