Strength Conditioning

IMG_6077Even though we love dancing more than anything, there’s something to be said for counterbalancing cardio with flexibility and strength training. So, after you’ve loaded in the cardio, come push your muscles to the max in one of these programs:

Barre Fit

Step up to the barre to redefine your body, improve your posture and build stamina using ballet-inspired movements with an emphasis on fitness conditioning. Expect a mix of isometric barre exercises, cardio dance movements and Pilates targeting the glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, calves and abs.


An innovative combination of ballet and body conditioning designed to build strength, flexibility and grace. Start with muscle-shaping isometic stretches on the barre, then challenge the lower body with a nonstop sequence of plies, tendues and jumps. Finish off on the mat with core conditioning and cool-down stretches.


This full-body cardio jam session combines lightly weighted exercise drumsticks with constant simulated drumming. Expect a mix of cardio, Pilates, isometric poses and plyometrics that will strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles and help you POUND off pounds while rocking out to great music.

Power Sculpt: Abs & Glutes

Tone and strengthen your abs and lower body in this challenging workout. Warm up with a mix of dance and kickboxing, then progress through a series of muscle-defining exercises using your own body weight and sometimes other equipment at the studio, such as circular resistance bands. While the focus is on conditioning, some classes may also incorporate a little cardio or plyometrics as well as Pilates and Yoga movements targeting the core.

Power Stretch & Sculpt

Elongate and strengthen your entire body with this invigorating combination of yoga, dance, Pilates and sculpting. After warming-up, flow through a series of challenging low-impact, body weight movements to build strength, flexibility and balance.

Can’t make the group classes? Private sessions may be scheduled at your convenience, contact for more information.