Reopening Plans & Safety Measures

Latest update: May 2022
Prev. revision: August, July, June & January 2021, original post: July 18, 2020

Hey dancers!!

In an effort to create the safest, most comfortable environment at our studios, we are continuing to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination. You can dance with or without a mask on, whatever you prefer. Those who cannot show proof of vaccination are welcome to join us virtually and at outdoor classes. (Note: this requirement of course does not apply to early childhood programs since kids under age 5 are not eligible to get vaccinated.)

As always, we’ll monitor what’s going on around the area and re-evaluate as appropriate. We’re thrilled to see case numbers dropping, which prompted the city to recently lift its indoor mask mandate. Because we have an indoor environment that could be more conducive for transmission (ie: people breathing heavily while working out together in the same room), we decided to be a little extra cautious in order to do everything we can to ensure that everyone feels safe dancing together. That means we’ll continue to have stringent disinfectant protocols, provide good ventilation and check vaccination status. Our priority remains the health and safety of the overall community and we look forward to a time when the pandemic is well behind us!!


How do I show proof?

Option 1: Simply show your vaccination card to your instructor when you check in for class. A photo on your phone will work fine, too.

Option 2: Email us a photo of your vaccination card and we’ll tag you in our system so you don’t have to remember to bring it with you to every class. The image must show your name and the date you received the vaccine dose(s). You are welcome to black out any other personal information.

We know that this adds an extra step in the check-in process, so please bear with us as we do our best to be as safe and socially responsible as possible.
Note: Face masks will continue to be required for early childhood classes but NOT for youth classes, as we also require vaccine proof for the afterschool dance and drama programs.
In addition to following city and state safety protocols, we’re doing everything we can to provide healthy, clean spaces at our studios. We will continue to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, using disinfectant cleaners to wipe down high-touch surfaces and equipment. And there’s always hand sanitizer around if you need it! Read on to learn more about what we’re doing differently and our “community code.”

The Plan

While there are certainly advantages of being in person for dance classes – especially more technical genres – we also understand that not everyone will be interested or able to return to the studios until the pandemic is well behind us. Because of this, we will continue to offer a full slate of livestream options even as we reopen. In fact, we’ll continue offering virtual classes for as long as there’s demand for it. That means you can choose what’s best for you – there’s no pressure to be around other people unless you want to. 

Almost all of our classes are available both in-studio AND via livestream, though there are a handful that are only in-person and a few only virtual. Find the full, up-to-date schedule on Mindbody.

For in-studio classes that are also streamed: The cameras are focused on the instructor but if you are concerned about potentially appearing in the livestream, simply let the instructor know and s/he will direct you to a spot outside the camera angle.

While the city is no longer restricting capacities on indoor fitness, we have always enforced capacity limits at our studios for everyone’s safety and comfort. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to sign up in advance if you plan to attend. If your schedule changes, just remember to early-cancel at least 4 hours before so that another student can use that spot. Registering in advance through the Mindbody app or our website also helps us become more “touchless” at the studio, though we will accept cash walk-ins again if space allows. 

Our Community Code

To keep our studios safe, we expect all students to follow these guidelines: 

  • Keep tabs on your own health and stay home if you’re not feeling well, have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone showing signs of illness. (We’ll be sure to add your class credit back to your account.) 
  • Take your temperature regularly and get tested periodically if you’re at risk.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has, we ask that you don’t come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative. 
  • If you test positive after coming to class, contact us immediately. This way, we can notify anyone else who was potentially exposed to help trace and contain any potential outbreaks. 
  • Try to keep a safe distance from others to the extent possible. 
  • If you prefer to keep wearing a face mask, go for it!
  • Do your best to refrain from touching anything without washing hands before and after.
  • Throw away any trash you may have, especially tissues. 
  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly, and use an alcohol based sanitizer if a sink isn’t available.
  • Reserve classes in advance.
  • Check yourself in using the Mindbody app on your phone or tell the instructor when you arrive and we’ll take care of it so you don’t need to touch our check-in screen.
  • Limit your time in the studio to no more than 15 min before and after class.
  • For stretch and barre classes, bring your own mat (though of course we’ll still have clean ones at the studio if you don’t have one).
  • Purified water refills are still available at both the Midtown & Rittenhouse studios, but bringing your own is best.

Studio Safety Procedures

We’ll continue to do a few things differently on our end to ensure that our spaces are as safe as possible. 

Deeper Cleaning 

  • More frequent cleaning, including regularly disinfecting door handles, light switches, chairs and railings, as well as any equipment used. 
  • Thoroughly sanitizing high-touch surfaces with hospital grade disinfectants.
  • Hand sanitizer and disposable masks will be available for use

Limiting Contact

  • As hard as it will be, we’ll hold off on high-fives and hugs for now (unless we ask and you give consent!), and only use verbal cues to help you adjust form.
  • Instructors will enforce capacity limits 
  • Requesting advance reservations so there’s less need to handle cash or credit cards. 

Checking in with our Team

  • Instructors will follow the same “self-health check” expectations as students and be asked to remain home if they’re not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone exposed to COVID. 
  • Some staff may decide to keep masks on 


Thank you again for sticking with us during this incredibly difficult time. We would not have made it through 2020 without your dedication and support. 

Back in March 2020, it was an enormous challenge to pivot our entire operation to the virtual world. At the same time, it was amazing that we could use technology to continue to sweating “together” online. Even though we can’t see you through the livestream cameras, the positive comments and energy that you sent us through chat, emails and social media kept us going. Some of you even reached out to let us know that our online classes provided a much-needed sense of normalcy during this crazy time. (We felt that, for sure!)

Figuring out how to ease back into the studio presented more challenges. But we’re optimistic about the future and so glad to see many of you back already. Keep spreading the word to family and friends so we can continue providing content for you. We will do everything we can to continue providing fun, challenging classes for you in whatever formats we can!

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