Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga by Philly Dance Fitness

Stay active, relaxed and centered during your pregnancy!

Join this supportive group of moms and moms-to-be for yoga practice and sharing. This 75-minute class offers community as well as a time to deeply connect with your baby.

The asana practice focuses on comfort during pregnancy and physical preparation for labor and delivery. Work through the aches and strains of your changing body. Drawing on her background as a doula, yoga instructor Keli Engleson will guide you through therapeutic movements designed to tone and lengthen your muscles without overextending them. Feel limber and centered even as your growing baby throws off your balance.

Most importantly, enjoy the chance to breathe and listen to your body. Keli will show you a variety of options for many of the poses so you can decide how far to take them. You’ll also practice yoga breathing techniques that might even come in handy when contractions set in.

We invite moms-to-be in any stage of pregnancy to join this class. Since this is a specialized program, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the month-long series.

Prenatal Yoga

  • When: On hiatus. Check back soon for updates! Or contact us to schedule a small-group session at your convenience.
  • Cost: $15 drop in per person, minimum of four people required to schedule a private session
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire like a tank top and yoga pants. Shoes are not necessary.
  • Bring: Water and a mat if you have one, or use one at the studio.

Please let us know before class if you have any special circumstances we should be aware of so we can offer modifications if necessary, or if you do not wish to be physically corrected.

Pregnant students are also welcome to join any of our other ongoing group fitness classes as long as they do not have any doctors’ orders against exercising. However, please let us know that you are pregnant before taking any classes that involve floor or mat work (ie: regular yoga, Pilates, BalletEXTREME, Power Jam Stretch and striptease aerobics) so that we can offer modifications to keep you off your back.