Power Stretch & Sculpt

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Elongate and strengthen your entire body with an invigorating combination of yoga, dance and Pilates.

Power Stretch & Sculpt combines yoga, dance, strength training, Pilates and sometimes even Tai Chi to create a challenging, rejuvenating workout that will tone every major muscle group.

After warming-up, you’ll flow through a series of low-impact, body weight movements to build strength, flexibility and balance. But don’t be fooled by the word “low-impact” — you WILL get a workout! While the focus is on conditioning, some classes may also incorporate a little cardio or plyometrics, and all will include mat work aimed at core strength. Class is performed barefoot to stimulate balance reflexes and tighten core muscles.

If you have tight joints or injuries, no need to stay home – this class is great for sore muscles, back and knee pain, and joint stiffness. Just let the instructor know of any specific concerns so they can help you modify certain movements.

We also occasionally offer a Power Sculpt: Core class. Like Power Stretch, this program incorporates a mix of body weight conditioning, Pilates and stretches, but with an emphasis on strengthening the lower body. While the focus is building core strength, some classes may also incorporate a little cardio.

Power Stretch & Sculpt

  • $13 drop in, one punch on a class card or FREE for members
  • Bring water and a mat. You may also use a mat from the studio.

*Moderate intensity; low impact
*Beginner friendly