Pop Up 90s Workshop

Pop Up 90s Workshop

Get out your Discman and Lisa Frank notebooks — we’re throwing it back to the 90s for our next workshop!

Welcome back to the days of MTV and VH1! Get down with Brooke and Deb at this energizing 90s dance party filled with the nostalgia of school dances and long-forgotten boy band crushes. We’ll power through a gamut of iconic 90s songs, from dance mixes (remember “Jock Jams”?) to old school hip-hop to boy band ballads.

Some of our instructors happen to have a disturbing amount of 90s hits in their music libraries, so this throwback was bound to happen at some point. But we were inspired to dust off these tunes when we noticed that the “The Total Package Tour” was coming to Philly on June 24: NKOTB, Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men.

You can bet that we’ll include “Motownphilly” and a few other hits from those 90s superstars in our workshop playlist. Also on tap: a little Michael & Janet Jackson, some early N’SYNC (“I Want You Back”), MC Hammer (“U Can’t Touch This”), Sir Mix-A-Lot (“Baby Got Back”), Notorious B.I.G. (“Mo Money Mo Problems”) and more. And yes, we might even do the Macarena. At least you can’t be sick of it now because you probably haven’t done it in at least a decade.

Nineties fashions aren’t required, but feel free to dig into your closet and get creative. As always, we do suggest comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

Space is limited to ensure that everyone has room to dance, so get your tickets now and let’s party like it’s 1999!


Pop Up 90s Dance Workshop

  • Saturday, June 17 from 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • South Philly: 1170 S. Broad St. FREE street parking!
  • $25; Members automatically get an additional 20 percent off!


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