Elevate your ballet technique by learning to dance ‘en pointe’ at these small-group classes, available in a full span of levels.


Beginner to Intermediate options


Low Low Intensity


Ballet attire and pointe shoes (exception: soft shoes are perfectly fine for pre-pointe)

Push your ballet technique to the next level!


Learn to use your weight and energy to roll up and down on pointe with delicate strength and ease. Whether you’ve always dreamed of dancing ‘en pointe’ or have been practicing for a while, we’ve got small group classes to suit your needs.

For those new to pointe, we recommend starting with our pre-pointe sections where you’ll cover the basics in “soft” slippers, before gradually working your way onto pointe. Pre-pointe is usually held on Thursday nights at the Rittenhouse studio right after Ballet I. Class begins with foot stretching exercises both in bare feet and with pointe shoes. In addition to properly “breaking in” new pointe shoes, you’ll learn how to care for them and correctly tie the ribbons. The goal is to ultimately accomplish rises to the full pointe both in releve and eleve, along with other related pointe barre work.

We also occasionally offer Beginner Pointe Intensive workshop series specifically designed for dancers approved to work “en pointe” for the first time. These intensives require committing to a weekly class for a full month.

Because pointe is such a concentrated and progressive technical class, registrants are asked to attend the preceding ballet classes to ensure they are fully warmed-up.

If you’re new to our pointe program, please contact Beverly to discuss which section is best for you. See you at the barre!

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