Zumba Playlist Week of 1/3/11

Zumba Playlist December Week 4:

  1. “Quien Baila, Quien Goza” – Zumba Fitness (Merengue)
  2. “Rock this Party” – Bob Sinclair (Hip-hop)
  3. “Cumbia Jam”- Zumba Fitness (Cumbia)
  4. “Hella Decale” – DJ Mam’s (French Reggaeton)
  5. “African Dream” – Zumba Fitness (African)
  6. “Mira-La” – Zumba Fitness (Reggaeton)
  7. “Hip-HIp Chin-Chin” – Club des Belugas (Samba)
  8. “Zumba Kumbia” – Zumba Fitness (Cumbia)
  9. “Girlfriend” – Avril Lavigne (Jive)
  10. “Zumbando Al Son” – Zumba Fitness (Salsa)
  11. “Que Te Pica” – Notch (Reggaeton)
  12. “Closer” – NeYo (Hip-hop)

Note: Subject to change

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