Get your cardio and toning all at once with this unique, high-energy blend of boxing, Pilates and dance.






Bring a mat for Pilates floor work during the last 10 minutes of class, or use one of ours at the studio. Shoes are optional.

Tone your lower body and work up a sweat with this unique blend of cardio, balance and conditioning.

Piloxing is a high-energy program that combines the toning and aerobic conditioning of boxing, the muscle sculpting of Pilates and the fun of dance. These segments are formatted into intervals to maximize calorie burn. After alternating between cardio and standing Pilates, you’ll finish off with 10 minutes of abs and booty on the mat.

The workout is typically performed barefoot to better execute the moves and reap the benefits of the original disciplines. (Of course, if you prefer, you can wear sneakers or socks with treads.)

After a few Piloxing sessions, you may find improvement in your balance, muscle tone and stamina. Absolutely no prior boxing, Pilates or dance experience required.

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