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Engage your mind, core and more!

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise system in the 1920s as rehabilitation therapy, but it quickly became popular among dancers, athletes and, eventually, the general public. His series of controlled movements focused on stabilizing the core, or powerhouse, to build strength without bulk, while improving flexibility and preventing injury.

Our Pilates class is rooted in classic floor exercises with sculpting and a dash of cardio thrown in. You’ll resist gravity and your own body weight to push your muscles to the max.

Each exercise is broken down to give you a chance to think about technique and form, then we pump up the heart rate with several repetitions. Beginners can stick to basic moves while instructors demonstrate variations to keep more practiced students on their toes. Modifications are also provided for those with injuries or muscle tightness – just check in with the instructor before class.

We think you’ll find that Pilates helps you become more aware of your body, leading to improved posture, balance, back strength and more!


  • **Note: At the moment, we’ve expanded our weekend Pilates classes into Power Stretch & Sculpt, which will still include a major focus on Pilates. However, our schedule is updated monthly, so check back for future Pilates offerings.**
  • Where: Our Rittenhouse location, 1624 South St. (Major Moment Studio)
  • Cost: $12 drop-in or use a class card. Free for members.
  • Bring: A mat if you have one, or use one of ours.

*Moderate intensity; low impact
*Beginner friendly