Philly Dance Fitness Social III

Philly Dance Fitness Social III

Votes are in! Our third social will be THIS Wednesday, Nov. 10 at Tritone, 1508 South Street. Meet us there at 8 p.m. or walk over with me after the regular Marion Anderson Center zumba class ends at 7:45 p.m.

Come as you are. I, for one, will be in sweaty workout clothes. 😉

As always, friends and family are invited to join in.

Here’s the original poll posting from 10/12/2010:

It’s time for another social. Most likely we will go for drinks at Tangier or Sidecar, though please feel free to suggest another place. The question is when. Please vote for your favorite date.

For the Friday date, there is an opportunity to take an African Jazz class at Messiah Dance Works on 20th and Montrose before going out. The class costs $10. But again, this is completely optional.

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