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Featured Package

Marianna - CardioPop40

Cardio Party: Get hyped to move with this selection of our signature cardio programs!

6 videos | Rent: $45  $35

Show Replay


Take It Off Broadway: Exciting choreographed group dance numbers by students along with original pieces created by local performers and burlesque stars.

70-minute show | View here.

Video Packages

Rent for 14 days.

Intro Sampler

Don’t have time for a full ‘taste’? Get an intro to Philly Dance Fitness with this mini package featuring Dance Party Boot Camp, Cardio Pop and Hip-Hop Cardio. 

Intro Special: New to Philly Dance Fitness? Try out some of our favorite cardio programs with this mini package.

3 videos | Rent: $20

Contemporary Sampler

Follow along with Kayla and let out your creative energy in this Contemporary Series. Warm up with cardio drills, then build a short choreo in this all-level series.

Contemporary Sampler: Release your creativity as you leap, kick, spin and roll in this liberating lyrical series.

4 videos | Rent: $30

Cardio Pop Crazy!

Go CRAZY for Cardio Pop and amp up your heart rate with these beginner-friendly classes! You’ll be moving and grooving to the best hits from past and present.

Cardio Pop Crazy!: Get your heart rate amped up with 6 Cardio Pop classes (4 full-length, 2 express).

6 videos | Rent: $35

Taste of PDF

Experience the diversity of what we do in this series featuring five of our most popular classes: Cardio Pop, Dance Party Boot Camp, Ballet Basics, Hip Hop and World Beats. Absolutely no prior dance experience required!

Taste of PDF: A beginner friendly sampling of our cardio dance, ballet and hip hop programs.

5 videos | Rent: $40 $30

Cardio Party

Experience all the cardio you can handle to get your heart rate pumping. Featured classes include Dance Party Boot Camp, Cardio Pop, Zumba, and more!

Cardio Party: Get hyped to move with this selection of our signature cardio programs!

6 videos | Rent: $45  $35

Passport Dance Party!

Groove to songs from all over the globe with this mix of African Caribbean, Bollywood, and more!

Passport Dance Party! : Experience a multi-cultural dance party in your living room.

6 videos | Rent: $45 $35

Hip Hop Starter

Dance up a sweat with these beginner friendly, follow-the-leader classes. Dance along with Jody, Liz, & Ricky in this Hip Hop starter pack.

Hip Hop Starter: No need to memorize patterns or choreo, just jump in and dance along to these beginner-friendly routines.

3 videos | Rent: $25

Technique Boost

Join Can, Beverly, and Zach as you hone in on your dance technique. This 5 video playlist includes technical classes such as Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary! 

Technique Boost: Hone in on your dance technique in this 5 video playlist featuring our Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary classes!

5 videos | Rent: $30

Dance & Tone

Want to dance around your living room but also want to get a good muscle pump in? This is the package for you! Featuring classes like House Party Fitness, Power Stretch and Sculpt, and more.

Dance & Tone: Get in some cardio, then work your muscles with some toning exercises!

5 videos | Rent: $40

Cardio Pop Countdown

Celebrate the best music of 2022 in this dance countdown of Billboard hits!

Cardio Pop Countdown: Jam out to the top hits from 2020, 2021, or 2022 in these 2 hour dance-stravaganza workshops!

Rent: $20


Themed classes, holiday dance parties, anniversary celebrations, and more!

Workshops: Check out some of our previous workshops. Themed dance classes, holiday cardio dance parties, anniversary celebrations, and more!

Rent: $20

Virtual Frisky Fridays

Get your sexy on from home! Our signature striptease workshops will leave you feeling strong, confident and empowered.

Frisky Fridays: From striptease to chair routines, take your pick of all sorts of sexy choreo.

Rent: $15

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Note: Taking part in our online programming is done at your own risk and Philly Dance Fitness does not assume liability for any claims, damages or injuries that may arise.