Dancing for School Supplies

pencil_on_pad_of_paperAs part of our “Back to (Dance) School Blitz” this month, we’re participating in a supply drive benefitting two public schools near our South Street studio.

The South of South Street Neighborhood Association (SOSNA) is collecting pencils and paper for both Stanton and Chester Arthur elementary schools. So we decided that every time a student dances with us during the month of September, we’ll donate 1 pencil and 10 sheets of paper to the SOSNA drive. Come to three classes in one night, and we’ll donate 3 pencils and 30 sheets of paper. We’re basing our donation on total class attendance, not unique dancers — so the more you dance, the more we’ll give. We’re hoping to have at least 1,000 dancers this month, which would amount to at least as many pencils and about 25 reams of paper — more if each dancer attends multiple classes.

In addition to purchasing supplies, we’ll also put out a collection box at Major Moment Studio (1624 South Street). If you bring a box of pencils, a ream of paper or any other supplies that Stanton or Chester has earmarked on their Amazon wish lists, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a free month of membership to Philly Dance Fitness! When you drop off your donation, simply snap a selfie with whatever you brought (or just the supplies if you’re shy!) and Tweet it to us @phillydancefit or post it on our Facebook wall.

October 2015 Update: We are pleased to report that September attendance was 1,314, which means we exceeded our goal! We have shipped 36 reams of paper (each ream has 400 sheets) and more than 1,300 pencils to Stanton Elementary. Thank you to everyone who danced with us — even if you would have come to class anyway we hope the drive brought some attention to the serious funding challenges that our city schools face each year.