Cardio Bellydance Returns

We’re pleased to announce that that Cardio Bellydance group exercise classes are back! Over the past few months, several people have requested that we restore this class and we’ve finally found a great new venue for it. Join us at Programs Employing People (PEP) at 1200 S Broad St. on May 2nd for our FREE launch. We’ll start with Zumba at 6:30, and then Cardio Bellydance at 7:30. No dance experience required for either 50-minute class.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from every class goes back to PEP, which serves upwards of 300 adults and children with disabilities every year.

Special thanks to student Lauren D., who came up with the idea to partner with PEP. Lauren’s husband’s grandmother (say that three times fast) was among the group of women who founded the nonprofit agency in 1969.

After the free launch, the classes will continue under our normal pricing: $10 drop in, or you can save by purchasing a multi-class card. Save $10 by purchasing a 5 class card for $40, or save a whopping $30 by purchasing a 10 class card for $70.