Tuesday, 10/30 Classes are ON but reduced

Tuesday, 10/30 Classes are ON but reduced

The power is on at Major Moment (1624 South St) and the winds are dying down, so we WILL have classes tonight, though a slightly reduced schedule:

6 p.m. Impact Jazz with Kathy featuring a “Little Shop of Horrors” musical theater routine
7 p.m. Zumba with Jaime.
NO second section of Zumba tonight.

Note: The city has FREE street parking through Wednesday, so you might even snag a free spot on South Street if you drive to class tonight! (Just make sure you park in what would normally be a legal spot, PPA will still ticket for those who create safety hazards by parking in illegal spots).

Since it will be rainy, we would greatly appreciate it if you change into dry sneakers/dance shoes or towel off the bottom of your feet when you get to the studio so nobody slips.

Of course, we understand that SEPTA and many other businesses are still shut down in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. We hope you all “weathered” the storm without too much damage, and please be careful on your way to Major Moment. Hope to see you tonight!