Mommy & Baby Yogalates

Don’t wait until your little one goes to bed to squeeze in a workout – bring them with you!

**Group sessions are currently on hiatus, however, you can gather a group of friends and schedule this class at your convenience. See below for details.**

Bond with your baby, build your strength, tighten your core and meet other moms in our Mommy & Baby Yogalates classes.

This program focuses on recovery from pregnancy and birth, devoting extra attention to the shoulders, back, chest and other muscles most affected by carrying and breastfeeding babies. In addition to stretching, the Pilates component will give you a chance to get a true core workout using classical exercises modified to incorporate your little one.

Babies benefit from spending quality time with mom, too! They’ll rest on or near your mat, watching as you flow through the movements. You’ll also have opportunities to guide your baby through gentle stretches and Pilates exercises designed to improve balance, circulation, digestion and range of motion.

Don’t worry about your baby “disrupting” the class. We fully expect to hear cooing, fussing and squealing. We’ll also make sure you still get a workout, even if you’re interrupted to feed, change or soothe your little one.

No prior yoga or Pilates experience is required. You can start anytime after your doctor clears you for postpartum exercise (generally six weeks after giving birth) and continue until your baby is actively crawling.

Ready to give it a try? Gather a group of four or more moms and we’ll set up a session at your convenience at our South Street studio. Simply email to schedule.

Mommy & Baby Yogalates

  • $15 drop-in, minimum group size of four participants.
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire like a tank top and yoga pants. Shoes are not necessary.
  • Bring: Water, a blanket for the baby, your diaper bag and a mat. (You may also use one of our mats at the studio.)

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