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If you’re too busy to dance for a while, heading out of town or recovering from an injury, we’ve got you covered. Members can suspend their account payments for 1-3 full months once per contractual period at no charge. Suspensions beyond that require an administrative charge of $10, and at least one month of active membership must occur before additional frozen periods may be granted.

  • Suspensions may be requested once your first two payments have been completed
  • Choose a one-, two- or three-month suspension.
  • Suspensions can be scheduled 7 days or later from the date of the request. Please submit your requests early to ensure that it is processed by the time you need your suspension to begin.
  • The remaining months of the Membership resume after the suspension ends, which extends the end-date of the contract term.
  • Longer suspension terms may be granted for medical reasons such as injury, surgery or high-risk pregnancy. A doctor’s note stating the medical necessity of the suspension must be provided at the time of the request. We cannot grant retroactive suspensions.

Note: Since Memberships are deactivated during suspended periods, you will not be able to book classes through the Mindbody app. If you plan to still attend occasional classes by paying drop-in during your suspension, contact us to set up a workaround.

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If you do not receive an email confirmation that your suspension request has been approved within seven days of your request, please email

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