The Team

Deborah Hirsch

Founder & President

“Just go for it, don’t worry if you’re doing the ‘right’ step because that’s not nearly as important as just moving, sweating and having fun. Crash and burn!”

Styles I teach: Dance Party Boot Camp, Zumba, Barre Fit, Strong, Striptease and more

What to expect in my class: Variety and lots of energy! I love mixing up my playlists and movements to make sure there’s always something fresh and exciting.

Outside of instructing: As the founder of this busy little operation, I eat, sleep, and breathe Philly Dance Fitness. When I’m not working, you’ll find me trying to entertain my three kids, going to shows with my husband, or testing out new choreography.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: Seeing a community grow around a shared love of dance, and the joy on students’ faces after finishing class.

I dance because: It feels like I have no choice but to move when I hear music! When I’m dancing, I can be completely in that moment and not think about any of the million other things going on in my life.

Fun Fact: Since I was too easily distracted to make it through ballet classes as a little kid, I didn’t have any traditional training until senior year of high school! Instead, my first “organized” dancing started at age 11 with an Israeli folk dance performance troupe.

What drives me: My students, hands down. My goal is to create a workout experience where everyone will be simultaneously challenged, entertained and engaged. That’s a tall order, because what works for one person may not work for another – so I’m constantly exploring different teaching tactics and programs to see what resonates.

Andrea Corbi Fein

Music’s best accompaniment is dance. 

Style I teach: Cardio Pop

What to expect in my class: Full-motion moves to catchy beats. You’ll exercise every muscle and get your heart pumping to an invigorating playlist of pop with hints of rock, hip hop, funk and indie across multiple decades for a fun workout experience.

Outside of teaching: Behind the scenes in the TV world- I’m a professional video editor for programming that spans a little bit of everything from HGTV to MTV.  In a way, I make images dance on screen.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: It is the perfect model for making fitness fun: the most-talented team, friendly people, great music and challenging workouts that bring out your best.  

I dance because: When I hear music, it’s what I innately do.  And it’s undeniably fun. 

Fun Fact: I hold a certification in Professional Plant-Based Cooking and love hosting dinners.

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto: Health is wealth. 

What drives me:  Ever since I had brain surgery in 2009 I’ve reshaped my outlook and life to be centered around all things good health:  cooking, relationships and habits.  Take nothing for granted.  

Avigayil Lieber

If I go left, and you go right and bump into someone, Bam! You just made a new best friend.

Style(s) I teach: Zumba

What to expect in my class: Music from all over the world!

Outside of teaching: I’m a paralegal for the city

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The variety of classes and the community

I dance because… My mom put me in ballet class in preschool, and I never stopped. 

Fun Fact: I was a D1 Coxswain for Rutgers Women Rowing

What drives or inspires me: I get my music inspiration from all over: a car driving by, TV commercials, movies, a department store in Israel, even a Phillies walk up song.

Antima Chakraborty

Don’t just dance — face dance! Let loose and show the happiness and joy in your face!

Style I teach: Bollywood Technique

What to expect in my class: Intense choreography that gives you a great workout. Each class builds on choreography and we stay focused on one routine per month.

Outside of teaching: I work as an attorney at a large law firm

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: Deborah and Beverly! They are the best!

I dance because: #becausedancecomesfirst

Fun Fact: I am trained and certified in a classical Indian dance form called Bharatnatyam, which I incorporate into our class routines.

Favorite Quote: “I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.” – Nietzsche

Antima Chakraborty

Ashanti Jenkins

I want dancing to feel exhilarating yet blissful for everyone!

Style I teach: Traditional West African

What to expect in my class: Expect to be working almost every bit of your body at some point with high leg moves and big arms, flowing into a lot of core and hip movements and sometimes all at the same time! Enjoy a great variety of music new and old, upbeat and rhythmic!

Outside of teaching: I’m a burlesque performer in Philadelphia and a freelance makeup artist.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: There’s a wonderful variety of classes that are also for beginner levels, so all can feel comfortable!

Fun Fact: I am the oldest of my 6 siblings with 3 older half/God sisters

Favorite Quote: “Peace fills us, peace surrounds us, We are peace.”


Beverly Holskin

Ballet Director & Studio Manager

I went to dance class as a toddler and never stopped — it’s part of my DNA.

Styles I teach: Ballet (all four levels in our adult program), Pointe, JazzTech, BalletEXTREME and, for kids, Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet.

What to expect in my class: Structured focus and technical expertise (which I developed from studying and performing in a classical ballet setting since the age of 3) delivered in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Early on in forming the ballet program here, I realized that our students wanted a more laid back, ‘fun’ experience than what was offered at more traditional studios. Eight years in, I couldn’t be prouder of how our ballet community has evolved and grown.

Outside of teaching: I wear a variety of administrative “hats” to assist with day-to-day activities of the company: answering calls, helping students with any questions, making sure the studios are in order, scheduling private events and so on.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: It’s the reason I get out of bed each day and look forward to what the day holds.

Fun Fact: I was the lead model and choreographer for a modeling production company for 20 years doing hundreds of runway fashion shows in the tri-state area. I also have a “former life” as a research scientist in Molecular Genetics doing drug discovery for important disease states. I left the biopharmaceutical industry not long after opening the doors to Major Moment Studio on South Street. The rest is history.

My Mantra: No challenge, no change!

What inspires me: Without a doubt, my students! They are my “raison d’etre.”

Beverly Holskin

Delaney Malloy

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

I love helping people uniquely and creatively express themselves.

Outside of working here: I do freelance marketing, design, and writing. I also practice dance, yoga and meditation.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The immense, loving energy that radiates out of everyone.

I got into marketing because: Exercising creativity — and helping others do the same — as a career is a dream come true!

Fun Fact: I met my best friend at my very first dance class. We later competed together as a tap duo and took home a few trophies. We have dance to thank for our strong bond!

Favorite Quote: “Cause we have no time for getting old, mortal body, timeless souls.” -Troye Sivan, lyric from “Youth

Emily Leddy

Membership Director

Dancing, in my opinion, is the best way to stay fit and active while having the most fun at the same time.

Outside of Philly Dance Fitness: I teach dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, & modern) at a studio in Quakertown & when I’m not dancing I’m running after my 2 year old son.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: I love that PDF gives everyone the opportunity to dance, regardless of experience.

I dance because… I literally cannot survive without it! As soon as I hear music I have to move along to it.

Fun Fact: I LOVE cats, especially my 6 year old cat Fiona 

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto:  You don’t grow when you’re comfortable.

What drives or inspires me OR a favorite Inspirational Quote: Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not okay it’s not the end”


Geatali Tampy

I dance because it makes me feel like my best self – confident, creative, and capable of anything!

Style(s) I teach: Bollywood, Bollywood Fusion, Semi-Classical

What to expect in my class: A beginner to advanced beginner choreography based class set to Bollywood music- my dances are usually focused on body awareness, musicality, and most importantly, having fun!

Outside of teaching: I’m a full time dancer! I choreograph and perform in shows, teach workshops, and nurture my craft.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: getting to share dance with others!

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto:  Listen to your body!

Fun Fact: I have worked with Bollywood director Aditya Chopra on his musical based on DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge)

What drives or inspires me: Nature! I’m continuously in awe of this beautiful planet, and it always inspires me to stay grounded, keep growing, and be resilient.

Jody Thigpen

Dance is life! I’ve been dancing since I could walk and don’t know life without it. It’s the best way to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and just let it all out. If music is playing, I’m dancing.

Styles I teach: Hip Hop and Diva Pop, also sometimes Jazz Fusion, Contemporary & Cardio Pop.

What to expect in my class: A fun but relaxed vibe with lots of sass. I love intricate choreography that plays off the music and will try to challenge my students in a supportive environment.

Outside of teaching: I’m a social worker, often running around. If I’m not working or dancing, I’m doing something to relax – reading, checking out events in the city, watching trash tv, hanging out with friends or family.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The variety of classes and amazing community of both staff and students.

Fun Fact: I worked with giraffes in Santa Barbara for three years.

My Mantra: Leave it on the dance floor!

Favorite Quote: “If you can dance and be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world.” – Amy Poehler

Kira Stein

I love vintage styles and old-timey music. Dance is another way to get into a past era.

Styles I teach: Partner dancing (Ballroom, Latin, Swing) with sister company Ballroom Bliss

What to expect in my sessions: Confidence! I tailor each lesson to my clients, so no worries if you have no experience. I build off of your strengths to create dances that really match you, your ability level and your personality.

Outside of teaching: I’m a brand representative and love to travel.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The non-corporate vibe. Each instructor gets to do their own thing.

Fun Fact: I did karate before I danced.

Favorite Quote: “I’ll take care of me for you, and you’ll take care of you for me.”

Liz Giraldo

Nothing brings me more joy than bringing smiles out of my students.

Style I teach: House Party Fitness

What to expect in my class: FUN!

Outside of teaching: I enjoy spending time with my three grandkids, who I love dearly.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: No “Monday blues “ exist in my life since joining the Monday Squad. I absolutely love and personally connect with each of my class attendees, whether it’s a high five or an acknowledgement of their presence.

Fun Fact: I’ve been teaching dance fitness for 10 years now.

What drives me: The art of moving — keep moving!!

Liz Giraldo

Marianna Hunter

Great things never come from comfort zones.

Styles I teach: Zumba, Cardio Pop, Hip-Hop Cardio

What to expect in my class: A dance party where you will have so much fun you won’t realize you’re working out and burning tons of calories.
Outside of teaching: I’m a hula hoop dancer, fire performer, stage kitten for burlesque shows, and a chair dancer with The Philly Flames.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The specialty classes here are amazing, unique and so much fun.

I dance because: It’s a complete escape where I can truly be myself and hopefully inspire others to just have fun and have confidence no matter what size they are. Dancing helps me to feel good about myself and pushes me to keep progressing and improving.

Fun Fact: I love getting cute animal and mythical creature tattoos.

My Mantra: Dance is cheaper than therapy.

Michelle Gilboy

Every class feels like a party!

Styles I teach: Zumba

What to expect in my class: High energy, a good workout and the chance to escape for the outside world for an hour.

Outside of teaching: I’m a corporate transformation director for a global pharmaceutical company.  I love live music, city living, cupcakes and yoga.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The variety of classes and the instructors!

Fun Fact: I’ve moved 5 times in the past 5.5 years. I’m new to Philadelphia and after 13 years as an instructor I’m thrilled to teach here.

What drives me:  The hope that I can positively impact another persons’ life- even if just for an hour.

Michelle Krichilsky

This is YOUR workout – do what’s right for you, but keep moving!

Styles I teach: Cardio Pop, Dance Party Boot Camp, Power Stretch & Sculpt, and sometimes Striptease and Hip Hop

What to expect in my class: Good music, cool dance moves and a judge-free zone for any experience level.

Outside of teaching: I work in data management and analytics in the pharmaceutical marketing industry (not as boring as it sounds!) I also love performing music, whether singing or playing the keyboard or ukulele. I volunteer once a month to play for patients at Jefferson Hospital.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: It truly is the most fun kind of workout and the students and teachers are all uniquely amazing.

I dance because: It’s a fun way to burn calories, release endorphins and de-stress after a crazy day at work. Coming to PDF feels less like a job and more like an after-work party!

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 15 countries and speak three languages.

What drives me: My students’ hard work and dedication. They inspire me every time they show up ready to work. They are the reason I continue to teach, and they never fail to put a smile on my face by the end of our workout.

Mikey Sanchez

Social Media & Marketing

Dance is so special to me!

Outside of working here: I love spending time with family, dancing, and creating videos for my YouTube channel!

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: Seeing PDF bring people from all walks of life together to dance – it warms my heart! 

I got into Social Media because: I love helping brands promote and grow their business by creatively using different social platforms! 

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto: Teamwork makes the dream work!

Fun Fact: I was born in California!

Favorite Inspirational Quote:  “You have to be odd to be number one.”

Rachel Savoca

Tap class is a time to get your body moving and have fun.

Styles I teach: Tap

What to expect in my class: We will do some technique in the center of the room, across the floor technique, and learn a short combination. I like to use a variety of music and styles to show the diversity of styles within tap. This class is an opportunity to experiment with new steps and have a great time no matter your skill level.

Outside of instructing: I am a senior at Temple University earning my degree in Early Childhood Education. I also enjoy cooking, travelling, and spending time with my friends and family.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: I love that Philly Dance Fitness creates a space for people to come dance together in a fun and low pressure environment.

What drives me: Seeing how much joy dance brings to people and how much joy it has brought to me always keeps me going.

Fun Fact: I danced in the 100th anniversary of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade.

Favorite Quote: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Ricky Evans

Dance helps me express myself and it’s a great way to connect with the world.

Styles I teach: Hip Hop (Intro, Mixed Levels and Cardio)

What to expect in my class: A fun and informative learning environment with feasible challenges.

Outside of teaching: I perform, compete and instruct in different hip-hop settings — everything from theater performances to battles to international workshops.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The diversity of the people who come to class. I’m always amazed by the variety of backgrounds all under one roof for the love of dance.

Fun Fact: I love to roller skate!

My Mantra: Wrong and Strong!

Favorite Quote: “Don’t move to the music, let the music move you” – Ejoe Wilson

Selene Rose LaGrone

I’m driven to share the pleasure of dance.

Style I teach: Belly Dance Fitness

What to expect in my class: An exciting, low-impact workout that introduces you to belly dance technique and choreography in a movement-oriented setting.

Outside of teaching: I work at a local technology company.
My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: How helpful the staff is and meeting people who’ve never belly danced before.

I dance because: It brings me joy!

Fun Fact: I’m fluent in French

Selene Rose LaGrone

Skye Lewis

I just love teaching dance and helping others find their passion for it as well. 

Style I teach: Power Core

What to expect in my class: Pilates-based ab workouts, with some elements of cardio and dance movements. Don’t worry though, we take lots of breaks!

Outside of teaching: I am a full time student at University of the Arts. I am a sophomore dance major. Most of my days are spent in class or hanging out with my friends!

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: Everyone is so incredibly welcoming, sweet, and understanding. Clearly such a great family. 

I dance because it is the most fun I could ever have! I love the creativity that you can have with it along with working to master different styles and techniques, there is always some direction you can grow. 

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in California, I moved to Philadelphia for the first time in August 2021!

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto: Trying your best is the biggest success!

What drives or inspires me: My love for dance. It’s truly my favorite thing in the world!  


Teena Varghese

Dance is a way for me to escape life’s stresses and just have fun. In a world where so much is out of your control, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the progress you can make in your health and dance abilities with more practice.

Style I teach: BollyX (Bollywood fitness)

What to expect in my class: A great HIIT workout to upbeat Bollywood and American music with a wide array of dance styles from hip hop to bhangra! Absolutely NO experience with Bollywood or dance is required! You might learn a step, discover a great song or meet a new friend while cheering during our ‘performance round’!

Outside of teaching: I work as a research scientist in drug discovery at a pharmaceutical company. Most of my spare time is still spent dancing, either prepping for performances or studying Indian classical dance. Otherwise I’m usually crafting, painting, cooking or baking. Weirdly, the more meticulous it is, the more I want to do it!

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The support and enthusiasm the instructors have for each other!

Fun Fact: I started professionally dancing in college, but when I was younger I’d secretly learn choreo to Bollywood dances and practice them in my room!

My Mantra: We’ll learn from each other.

Favorite Quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Tiffany Loring

Dance Gives Life Balance

Style(s) I teach: Tap

Outside of teaching: I work on a fashion buying team at Anthropologie corporate!

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: I love the variety of styles the Philly Dance Fitness community offers to its students!

Fun Fact: I was on the Drexel Dance Team in college!

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “Give a girl the right kind of shoes and she can rule the world.” — Marilyn Monroe

Timaree Schmit

Dance is how I experience the world. It’s my church, therapy and language.

Styles I teach: Dance Party Boot Camp, Cardio Pop, Pilates, Striptease

What to expect in my class: We’re here for the party and to sweat our faces clean off.

Outside of teaching: By day, I’m a sexuality educator, writer and podcaster with a PhD in Human Sexuality. By night, I’m a burlesque performer and producer.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: I’ve been here since nearly the beginning and I just generally love it. The students are phenomenal, the team is so fun and I feel respected as a professional.

My Mantra: It’s your body, enjoy it and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do with it.

Fun Fact: I’ve danced on every continent except Antarctica!

What drives me: These classes are often the highlight of my day and not just because it’s a fun time, but because it creates meaningful change for people. There are so many folks I’ve gotten to know through teaching dance who are incredible and who share with me the ways in which it’s helped them feel stronger, more powerful, and more empowered in their sexuality.

Zachary Robinson

Whenever I hear music I just have to move to the beat.

Style(s) I teach: Cardio Pop

What to expect in my class: A fun, high energy class that offers a wide range of skill levels that incorporates hip-hop choreography and Zumba based movement.

Outside of teaching: When I’m not teaching dance, you can find me out and about exploring the city. I’m a huge foodie so I will always be checking a new restaurant or food truck. I also collect vinyl records and am constantly keeping up to date with new music to collect.

My favorite thing about Philly Dance Fitness: The sense of community! Everyone is so welcoming and offers a safe space for dancers of all shapes and skill sets.

I dance because: There is no other option for me. I am constantly creating different choreography in my head and finding new ways to experience dance.

Fun Fact: I’m a twin!

My Slogan/Mantra/Motto: Modify! If something doesn’t work for you in the traditional sense, change it! You don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else.

What drives or inspires me OR a favorite Inspirational Quote: “What other people think of you is NONE of your business” RuPaul Charles.