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Don’t let social distancing keep you from dancing! We’re broadcasting a FULL line-up of more than 30 virtual dance fitness classes per week — plus outdoor options, weather permitting. See the schedule here.

(Note: Day pass users should sign up through Mindbody in order to receive a confirmation email containing an access code. Those with unlimited memberships or week passes don’t need to register; simply come right to this page to enter your unique password on the player below.)

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  • Access any live classes broadcast during the date of purchase

Single Class Rental — $10

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For live classes, you can purchase a day pass here, a week pass by clicking any video below or an unlimited monthly membership here.

For single rentals, simply click on the specific video you want and follow the prompts.

Then check your email for a receipt or reservation confirmation containing a unique access code. Any questions or technical difficulties, call 215-645-2717.

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Note: Taking part in our online programming is done at your own risk and Philly Dance Fitness does not assume liability for any claims, damages or injuries that may arise.

Read the Waiver and Release for Philly Dance Fitness Online Programs

By voluntarily participating in Philly Dance Fitness online programming, you acknowledge that all exercises are undertaken at your own risk and unconditionally release the company from all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Philly Dance Fitness endeavors to provide safe, effective and high-quality programs but makes no warranty or guarantee that specific services, products, methods, workouts, recommendations or routines will be safe, effective or suitable for everyone.

Since dance and fitness classes/programs/events/instruction may involve strenuous physical activity, we highly recommend having a physician’s approval prior to participating. By electing to take part in our live or virtual programs, you either have obtained such approval or accept the risk inherent in engaging in physical activities. Even if done correctly and with proper attention to safety, fitness activities and the use of training/fitness equipment involves the risk of aggravating known or unknown pre-existing conditions, serious injury, permanent disability or death. Risks include, but are not limited to: broken bones, strained or torn muscles, herniated discs/spinal injuries, heart attacks, heat stroke/exhaustion and any other soreness or illness. Risks of injury are particularly pronounced in a virtual setting where you are exercising on your own, without real-time supervision from our trained staff and in a location over which we have no control.

Philly Dance Fitness employees and contractors are not physicians, nor we do not hold ourselves out to possess professional expertise in medical matters. Any guidelines, programs or advice we provide are not intended to be construed as treatment for any medical or physiological condition and carry no express or implied warranty of any kind.

For all of these reasons, anyone participating in our programs (virtual or in-person) assumes and accepts all responsibility for their actions and physical conditions. Further, you waive, release and discharge Philly Dance Fitness employees, contractors and affiliates from any and all liability now or in the future. This includes any claims, damages, expenses, demands or causes of action for injuries or death; loss, damage or theft of personal property; or negligence that may be in any way connected to your voluntary participation in Philly Dance Fitness programs/instruction (whether in-person or virtual), recommendations, equipment or property conditions, no matter where such damages may occur.

Live Stream

The DVR has been moved to the brand new ON – DEMAND Page. Scroll to the bottom to find the DVR, along with other workshops and featured classes.

Any questions or technical issues, please post in the live chat or call (215) 645-2717.  For further assistance, email & CC Thanks!

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