Spin, leap and sashay your way through the studio!

Explore traditional jazz movements made popular by legendary choreographers and teachers in our JazzTech class. From box steps to jazz walks, you’ll build a foundation of footwork, and before long, you’ll be polishing jetes, jazz pirouettes, soutenu turns and more.

Class starts with a warm-up and a series of stretching exercises, then moves across the floor, incorporating walks, turns and jumps. Each element will be broken down with a view toward proper execution and the “sharpness” jazz dancing is known for.

During the second half of class, you’ll learn a choreographed routine. Since jazz is all about individuality, we’ll give you the steps, then it’s up to you to interpret and execute them in your own way.

Like our ballet program, this class is designed for adults who want to learn dance technique but just for the fun of it: no recitals, no competitions and no stress!

Continuing in January 2017: If you like jazz, check out our Broadway Jazz Series on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at 1624 South Street. If you’ve always dreamed of dancing on a Broadway stage, don’t miss this limited-time technique series filled with upbeat music, nonstop movement and lots of pizazz! Space is limited for this beginner-friendly series, so pre-registration is strongly encouraged.



  • Cost: $12 drop in or one punch on a class card. FREE for members.
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire and shoes with a smooth surface for turning such as jazz shoes or dance sneakers. Socks work fine, too.

*Low impact
*Beginner friendly