Build a foundation of traditional movements in our JazzTech program or enjoy a blend of cardio and technique in Jazz Fusion and Diva Pop classes.


Beginner to Intermediate


Low to Moderate Low Intensity


Comfortable workout attire and shoes with a smooth surface for turning. (Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are ideal, but socks work, too.)

From box steps to jazz walks, showcase your style as you jete through our jazz programs!

Infuse a little jazz flair into your dance workout as you sashay your way into shape at our Jazz Fusion and Diva Pop classes. Or, build up a foundation of traditional techniques in JazzTech. Or do both, why not? Since jazz is all about individuality, we’ll show you steps and patterns — then it’s up to you to interpret and execute them in your own way!

Jazz Tech — Explore fundamental jazz movements made popular by legendary choreographers and teachers in this beginner-friendly program. After a series of warm-ups, stretches and turn preparations, you’ll practice passes across the floor, incorporating walks, spins and jumps. Each element will be broken down with a view toward proper execution and the “sharpness” jazz dancing is known for. During the second half of class, you’ll piece together a short choreography. Before long, you’ll be polishing jetes, jazz pirouettes, soutenu turns and more. Like our ballet program, this class is designed for adults who want to learn technique just for the fun of it: no competitions and no stress!

Jazz Fusion — Warm up with “follow-the-leader” routines, then dive into a progressive choreo infused with jazz, lyrical and sometimes even a few hip-hop, pop or musical theater moves. We’ll break down the steps to help sharpen your coordination and isolation control, then repeat the sequences over and over so you get a workout in, too. Since jazz draws inspiration from a multitude of musical styles including swing, blues, pop, soul and funk, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing to a variety of songs. Beginners welcome, just note that the choreography is geared toward those with some background in movement and may include leaps, pirouettes and intricate footwork. 

Diva Pop — Think Jazz Fusion meets music video choreography with a big side of pop star sass! Get your cardio in with several easy-to-follow routines, then take the lead role in your own “show” as you build a complete choreo. Expect lots of big, showy arm movements, hip pops, body rolls and sassy poses. If you love dancing to pop music, give this beginner-friendly program a try. No prior jazz experience needed, just bring your enthusiasm and lots of attitude!

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