Jazz Cardio Fusion

jazz cardio fusion v3 blue

Add some funky jazz flair to your dance workout!

Unlike a standard technique class, in Jazz Fusion, you’ll focus more on continuous movement than making sure your form is perfect. After warming up with “follow-the-leader” routines, you’ll dive into a progressive choreography infused with jazz, funk and sometimes even a few hip-hop moves.  We’ll break down each step to help you sharpen your coordination and isolation control, then repeat the sequences multiple times so you can get your workout in, too. By the end of the 50-minute class, you’ll have built a short choreography. You’ll add more pieces to the routine each week over the course of the month, then start all over again with new choreography.

Since jazz draws inspiration from a multitude of musical styles including swing, blues, pop, soul and funk, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing to a variety of songs in our Jazz Fusion class. Many routines will be set to popular pop and alternative music.

It’s not necessary to have significant dance experience, but the class is geared toward those with some background in movement because the choreography may include leaps, pirouettes and more intricate footwork. The class won’t specifically dedicate time to technical concepts, such as spotting and center control, but tips can be offered upon request.

*Moderate intensity
*Advanced Beginner/Intermediate level

  • $10 per class for those who pre-register for the month; or drop-in for $12 if space allows (not included in class cards or memberships)
  • Moderate intensity | Adv. Beginner/Intermediate choreography level