From nonstop cardio workouts to more traditional classes incorporating progressive choreo, we’ve got a full range of hip-hop programs to suit beginners and seasoned dancers alike.


Beginner to Intermediate




Comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Burn calories as you bust a move to the hottest hip-hop songs!


If dancing at a nightclub is your idea of fun, our hip-hop program may be the perfect workout for you! We’ve got hip-hop options almost every day of the week, from follow-the-leader style classes like Hip-Hop Cardio to more traditional classes that incorporate progressive choreography. But even in choreo classes, our focus is more on keeping you sweating and smiling than perfecting your form.

Nervous about learning choreo? Start with a cardio class or Hip-Hop Intro and work up from there!

Hip-Hop Cardio — Keep your heart pumping as you dance along to a nonstop series of high energy routines. No need to memorize any footwork, just follow the instructor. Perfect for beginners and seasoned dancers alike.

House Party Fitness© — A total body workout set to the hottest urban music from hip-hop (old and new school), house, top-40, R&B, electronic and reggaeton. In addition to cardio conditioning, classes incorporate resistance training of the arms, lower body and core using body weight, bands or balls. Like Hip-Hop Cardio, you don’t need to remember steps – simply mirror the instructor through each routine.

Hip-Hop Intro — Warm up with continuous, easy-to-follow moves, then build a beginner-friendly combination. If you’re leery of tackling hip-hop choreo but always wanted to give it a try, this is the place to start. Even if you’ve never danced before, we’ll make sure you leave with some hip-hop flavor!

Hip-Hop – Get your cardio in, then challenge body and mind as you build a progressive routine in this mixed-levels class. The footwork and pace of instruction will be geared toward those with some experience learning choreography, but the instructor will break down and repeat the steps so that everyone can master them. Likewise, options for more difficult movements may be provided for advanced dancers who want an extra push.

Love HIP-HOP? You might also enjoy our CARDIO POP or DANCE PARTY BOOT CAMP classes.


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