Burn calories as you bust a move to hot hip-hop songs!

If dancing at a nightclub is your idea of fun, this is the perfect workout for you! We’ve got classes almost every night of the week, from straight-up hip-hop to trademarked programs like Fierce FUNk and House Party Fit.

While you may learn progressive choreography in these classes, the focus will be more about keeping the heart rate up than perfecting technique. And, like most of our programs, no dance experience is required. Swag is optional, too.

  • Monday — House Party Fitness with Brooke
    6 p.m at Midtown (1301 Locust St. 2nd floor)
  • Tuesday — with Trina
    8 p.m. at Rittenhouse (1624 South St)
  • Wednesday — Fierce FUNk with Maya
    6 p.m. at Rittenhouse
  • Wednesday — House Party Fitness with Sharice
    6:30 p.m. at Midtown
  • Saturday — with Trina
    1:30 p.m. at Rittenhouse
  • Cost: $12 drop-in, one punch on a class card or FREE for members
  • Attire: Comfortable clothes, jazz shoes or sneakers

* All of the above are Moderate/High Intensity 
* Beginner friendly with the exception of Tues/Sat hip-hop, which includes faster-paced progressive choreography (advanced beginner/intermediate level)

House Party Fitness

House Party Fitness LogoFor those of you who just can’t get enough hip-hop, check out House Party Fitness©.

You know the type of party where the music is pumpin’, the bass is pounding, and you don’t want the party to end? Well, that’s what this class feels like.

Created by ACE certified personal trainer Brooke Blair, House Party Fitness© is a cardio hip-hop fitness program set to the hottest urban music from hip-hop (old and new school), ragga, house, top-40, R&B, electronic, and reggaeton. In addition to cardio conditioning, House Party Fitness© strengthens major muscle groups by incorporating resistance training of the arms, lower body and core. Whether using your own body weight, bands, or balls, HPF will give you a TOTAL body workout.

Enjoy the music you love, work your style, feel great, look great and have a blast at the same time. The party is hoppin’ and all are invited!

Fierce FUNk®

fierce funk logoPut a little extra FUNk into your hip-hop workout with this energizing progressive choreography program created by Pepper Von.

Anyone can do this class. The movements are simple and natural, combining street style funk with contemporary hip-hop for an accessible, inspiring, fun and complete workout.

Once you’ve mastered one step, the instructor will add another. You may even hear some “vocalography” in the mix — call and response, beat box shout outs, or other percussive verbal cues associated with certain moves to make them easier to remember. The music never stops and by the end of class, you’ll be dancing through a full routine.

Here’s a sample of what you might do in class. No stress. No fear. See you there!