Frisky Fridays!

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Grab your girlfriends and let loose for the weekend with a racy striptease dance party!

Hot dance routines. Wine. Chocolate. Need we say more?

Build confidence and tone your entire body at our Frisky Friday striptease parties featuring smokin’ choreography, complimentary wine and refreshments!

After a full-body cardio warm up with isolations, follow-the-leader routines and possibly even a few fitness intervals, you’ll piece together a series of sexy moves to create hotter-than-hot combinations. Don’t be surprised if we turn down the lights and put on our own show. By the end of these hour-long mini workshops, you’ll have an arsenal of moves that you can use with or without a lap to dance on.

Frisky Fridays are usually held once or twice a month at our Midtown location. New routines and surprises at every party! Some nights, you’ll get down with a chair, other nights you’ll be rolling on the floor or working with props. From burlesque to hip-hop to hard rock, we change up the moves and the music to make sure you never get bored. Read on for details about the music and dance styles that will be featured in the upcoming events. Tickets have been known to sell out, so advance registration is strongly encouraged.

Ages 21 and up, no dance experience required. Bring your girlfriends, and we won’t tell anyone if you spike your water bottles.

Frisky Friday Striptease Parties

  • April 20, 2018
    • Chair-licious — Wind, twirl and dip around a chair to create a simple yet super sexy routine that you can easily replicate at home. If time permits, we’ll even teach a couple of more advanced moves involving rolls or balances.
  • May 4, 2018
    • Floor’d — Work your body down to the floor and then down some more in this salacious exploration of striptease floorwork, this week featuring the one and only Rihanna! Between hip grinds and doggie-style twerking, you’ll make the floor blush as you learn routines to “Rude Boy” and “Work.” Bring knee pads or wear long pants if you have sensitive knees.
  • May 18, 2018
    • Beyonce Bombshells — We just can’t resist an all-Beyonce class every so often! We’ll dance our way through as many Bey songs as we can. After warming up to “Single Ladies,” “Beautiful Liar,” and more, we’ll learn a super steamy floor combo to “Six Inch.” If time permits, we’ll cap off the class with a little “Dance For You” throwback.
  • June 8, 2018
    • Burlesque Evolution — Burlesque has gone through quite an evolution since the term first originated in the late 17th Century. In this Frisky Friday, we’ll explore two different styles, starting with some “traditional” bump-and-grind moves set to jazz music from the early 1900s, then finishing off with a sassy, hair-whipping, hard-hitting routine set to an 80s rock song.
  • June 22, 2018
    • Lap Dance 101 — Up your striptease game as you learn techniques, tips and tricks to give a stripper-worthy lap dance; then piece together a “performance” routine using the chair as your stage. Heels highly recommended, pun intended.
  • All events from 8:30 p.m. — 9:30 p.m. at our Midtown Village location (1301 Locust St, 2nd Floor)
  • $18 tickets include wine and refreshments; Members get an additional 20 percent off!
  • Come dressed in comfortable workout clothes and bring a pair of heels if you like. You may wish to wear pants that cover your knees for routines that involve floor work (however, please note that modifications can be provided for those who prefer to stay standing).

*Low/moderate impact
*Beginner friendly

Can’t make the above dates? Our instructors also offer striptease classes for private groups. Book a date at your convenience, choose a theme, let us know if you have any song requests and we’ll take it from there! Contact to schedule.