Just Dance: Lady Gaga Cardio Pop

Put on your favorite Gaga get-up and get down in this all-levels workshop!

Did you see Gaga kill it at the Superbowl halftime show?? If not, click here, you won’t be sorry. Whether you think Lady Gaga is an artist or a weirdo, or a little of both, this recent high profile performance is more proof that this girl can sing. And dance. And wear a ridiculous amount of rhinestones on her face without looking ridiculous.

We’ve been thinking about another Gaga dance tribute since the release of her “Joanne” album in October 2016, so her football showcase only made us more excited to highlight her catchy music. So here’s your official invitation to join two of her biggest fans — Deb and Timaree — in a 90-minute, nonstop cardio dance workshop featuring hits from “Applause” to “Poker Face.”

Since we haven’t done a Lady Gaga dance-off since 2014, expect some brand new routines set to songs from her latest album (“A-Yo” for sure!). And, of course, we’ll also dance to many of her most recognizable hits, from “Born This Way” to her very first single, “Just Dance.”  If time permits, we’ll even teach you a modified breakdown of her music video choreography for “Judas.” And the dance break from “Marry the Night.” Just kidding about that last one, that would take an entire workshop by itself.

Ages 13 and up, no prior dance experience required. Prizes for the best Gaga-inspired outfit. However, please note that despite Gaga’s past penchants for nudity and raw meat, for sanitary reasons, you must actually wear some clothing. And any meat must be fully cooked. 😉

  • Saturday, March 4 from 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.
  • 1170 S. Broad St., Philadelphia
  • $25. Members automatically get an additional 20 percent off.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot online now!

Can’t make the class? Book our Lady Gaga workshop for a private event.

Curious what you’ll be getting into? Check out this clip from the first time we did a Gaga-inspired workshop way back in 2011!


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