Early Childhood


Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet and more for the tiniest dancers. Along with learning steps, toddlers will develop discipline, confidence, social skills and musicality in these structured, fun-filled classes. 




Low Low Intensity


Anything comfortable for movement. For ballet, tights or leggings are preferred along with socks or ballet shoes.

Dance. Play. Leap. Twirl. Stretch. Imagine.


Young children will do all this and more in our early childhood programs.

Our goal is to make learning dance as much fun as possible, with each child leaving the studio with new friends, lots of smiles, a positive self-image and a sense of accomplishment.

In Creative Movement, dancers as young as 3 will get an introduction to structured movement through games, stories and other fun activities. Pre-Ballet is designed for young girls and boys ages 4 and up who’d like to learn the art of classical ballet but without the pressure of auditions and formal recitals. 

NEW in Fall 2022 — Early childhood group classes offered weekly at our Rittenhouse studio!

Because these are small-group classes, we require registration for the full series.

The next 7-week session starts May 7, 2023! (No classes Sunday, May 28)

  • Creative Movement (2-3.5 year-olds) — Sundays at 9 a.m. 
  • Creative Movement (3.5-5 year-olds) — Sundays at 9 a.m. 
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop Combo (4-5 year-olds) — Sundays at 10 a.m.

Read on for more details about the early childhood programs we offer. Most of these can also be customized for birthday parties, outdoor events, summer camps or festivals:

Creative Movement (2 year-olds + caregivers) — these classes are currently on hiatus, email us if you’re interested in attending and we will set up a new session if we have enough interest!

Creative Movement for Toddlers — Using games, role-playing, stories and other activities, young children will explore all kinds of movement. Along with hopping, leaping, spinning and embodying various animals, they’ll even learn a number of yoga poses. As the kids have fun getting silly on the dance floor, they’ll also be developing body control and social skills (and of course, getting lots of practice at following directions!)

Pre-Ballet — An introduction to classical ballet in a welcoming, no-pressure environment. Along with traditional techniques, class includes exercises and movement activities inspired by popular children’s music. The structured group setting encourages students to connect with each other while also developing creativity, poise, discipline, confidence and musicality. All children welcome, regardless of experience. Individual attention is given to each student so that even those with prior ballet training can continue progressing. 

Dance Party Mix — This combination of line dances and movement-based games will get even “non-dancers” on the floor. Children will participate in dance battles, get a chance to lead their own moves and play “freeze dance” and other games. And, of course, there will be plenty of easy-to-follow routines set to popular music as well as party favorites like “Jump in the Line,” “Follow the Leader,” and “Cupid Shuffle,” to name a few.

Jazz/Hip-Hop Combo An energetic introduction to jazz and hip-hop styles. Class will include a blend of basic technique, follow-the-leader routines and dance games. While dancing, the kids will also be developing body control, following directions and interacting with others.

Zumba — Experience international rhythms in this uptempo dance class featuring kid-friendly adaptations of original Zumba choreography. Unlike an adult Zumba class, the instructor will break down some of the steps so that everyone can feel comfortable with the movements. (Specific international dance themes such as African, Bollywood and Latin are also available.)

Semi-Private Options

Because these are such specialized programs, we also offer them upon request for private events, parties or small groups! If you have a group of at least four kids who’d like to dance, contact us to schedule a small-group session at one of our studios, or we can even bring the dance party to you! 

For more personal attention, we also offer private and semi-private ballet lessons for children. Rates start at $35/half hour. 


Looking for programs for older kids?

We’ve got a FULL slate of afternoon dance & drama classes for 5-12 year-olds at our Rittenhouse studio. Ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, cardio dance, acting, musical theater, improv and more!

Details here.

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