Dancing Through the African Diaspora

Feb. 10, 2021

Join us for a celebration of black culture and history through movement!

Come prepared to sweat because this 2-hour virtual workshop will be one crazy, high-energy dance journey through Africa, the Caribbean islands and the Americas. 

Heat up with a diverse array of Afro-centric styles that highlight the evolution of music and movement from the African continent as black culture spread outward, initially through the trans-Atlantic slave trade. From Azonto to soca to dancehall, you’ll get a taste of the breadth of African influence on the world of dance. And of course, we can’t forget to include a little hip-hop to highlight the incredible mark that black artists have made on popular music in the United States and far beyond.

Really, there’s too much to cover in just two hours, but instructor Lehla Olson has curated an amazing “sampler” that will leave you eager for more. While most of the routines will be “follow-the-leader” style, Lehla will also give you a few chances to catch your breath while she offers historical insight or breaks down key steps.

If you’re familiar with Lehla’s weekly classes, you know that she always takes extra time to add intention and inspiration to her playlists. That will be especially evident in this workshop as we pay tribute to Black History Month and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In support of ongoing efforts to further equality, a portion of the ticket sales from this event will be donated to the Philadelphia Black Giving Circle. This organization distributes donations to a variety of nonprofits serving the needs of the black community, including a recent “COVID19 Response & Justice Fund.”

Dancing Through the African Diaspora

A Celebration of Black Culture & History

  • Saturday, Feb. 27 at 1 p.m. on Zoom
  • $20 virtual tickets; Members get 20% off!
  • Access link and password will be sent in your confirmation email
  • Wear comfortable workout attire and sneakers or dance shoes. Be sure to have water on hand, and feel free to bring a small towel so you can pump yuh flag during the Caribbean songs.
  • No prior dance experience necessary; all ages welcome!

carnivale 14 full group

Memories! A sweaty finale after an Afro-Caribbean workshop in 2014 led by Lehla & Lael (bottom left).

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