Dance Party Boot Camp by Philly Dance Fitness

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Push your dance workout to the next level!

We know you love to dance – now here’s a chance to groove AND step up your fitness routine using the proven method of High-Intensity Interval Training.

Warning: Fun doesn’t mean easy, and this is the highest intensity class at Philly Dance Fitness!

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is designed to push you beyond the upper limits of your normal aerobic exercise capacity. You’ll alternate between explosive, athletic exercises and dance routines set to your favorite radio hits. Don’t worry, the instructors won’t yell at you like a drill sergeant — but they may yell. 😉

HIIT maximizes calorie burn during and after exercise because it increases the length of time it takes your body to recover. Likewise, it promotes metabolic adaptations that enable you to use more fat as fuel, which adds up to more fat loss plus improved cardiovascular endurance.

If you always thought boot camp sounded boring, we challenge you to test out our variation, then let us know what you think!

Dance Party Boot Camp

  • Wear: Fitness clothing and supportive sneakers.
  • Bring: Water and energy!

*High intensity
*Beginner friendly