Dance Fitness Face-Off!

Dance Fitness Face-Off!

This spring, we’re putting on our own version of March Madness – dance fitness style, of course!

The game: Teams of 4-6 students will complete a variety of social media challenges to “score” points. The game will be held March 19 – April 7, to coincide roughly with the actual 2.5 week long basketball tournament time frame.

The stakes: The team with the highest points at the end of the “tournament period” will win a FREE private dance party for themselves & their friends complete with drinks and refreshments! PLUS get bonus gift cards for all the winning players!

Wanna play? Email us at by March 14. We’ll assemble the teams and email directions to everyone.

Dance Madness Score Board:
Tag #phillydancefitness and #pdfdancemadness in all posts on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get credit!

Free throw (1 point):

  • Take a sweaty selfie and tag your team members
  • ESPN interview: Post a pic along with a quote about why you love dancing
  • Try a class or instructor you’ve never tried before and post afterward
  • Post 3 words to describe your dance style along with picture or video

Basket (2 points):

  • Stitch together a photo collage of you and your teammates doing something dance related and tag everyone 
  • ESPN interview: Find out why one of your teammates started dancing at PDF, post his/her answer on social media (and of course don’t forget to tag us)
  • Caption contest: Post a picture from class and solicit funny captions 
  • Post a video clip of your favorite dance move. Unless it’s flossing 😉 . Bonus point if you’re wearing a PDF shirt.

3 Pointer (3 points): 

  • Meet up in person with your teammates and take a picture in a dance pose. Tag everyone. Bonus points for creativity!
  • Go with one of your team members to a class you’ve never tried before
  • Post a video clip or boomerang of you AND at least one fellow teammate doing a move from class or a ‘signature’ dance move
  • ‘Slam’ dunk: Start some friendly fire toward another team on social media. Extra point if you get at least 5 comments back and forth

Download the score board here.

Come join us and your dance community!