Release your creativity as you leap, kick, spin and roll in this liberating lyrical fitness class.


Advanced Beginner to Intermediate, with options for more experienced dancers to layer in more difficult movements.


Low to Moderate Low Intensity


Comfortable workout attire. Shoes are not necessary, though you may wish to wear socks and dance footwear to help with spins.

Release your creativity as you suspend, spiral and sweat!


We’re upping the pace on a traditional lyrical class to give you a liberating workout that draws on concepts from jazz, ballet and modern dance.

Class begins with a cardio warm up designed to improve alignment, range of motion and fluidity. Then, get your heart rate up as you practice patterns of steps to a variety of expressive songs and piece together a short combination.

While the goal is fitness and fun rather than perfecting lines, this class is best-suited for those with some background in dance. Choreography includes movements adaptable to most levels, but also layers in leaps, kicks, spins and rolls.

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