Cardio Pop


Amp up your heart rate in this high-energy dance workout featuring easy-to-follow routines set to all your favorite hits, past and present!


Beginner friendly


Moderate to High


Workout clothes and supportive shoes.

Sweat it out as you dance along to catchy pop songs!


Want high energy? You got it. With great music to keep you going, you may not even notice how hard you’re working — at least, not until you try to sing along and realize that you can’t!

Like Zumba, you don’t need to remember steps — just follow the instructors. While we may break down a few of the more complicated moves, you’ll never stop dancing in order to keep your heart working. Expect a mix of medium and high intensity choreography, with some routines focused on cardio dance and others on strengthening/sculpting (incorporating squats, lunges, standing abs, arm exercises and more.)

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