Bringing Sexy Back — Again

Bringing Sexy Back — Again

Nov. 11, 2013

Since our November Justin Timberlake Hip-Hop workshop was such a blast and sold out so early, we’re scheduling a repeat so everybody who wants to can go. This one will also be 15 minutes longer since we ran out of time in the first one 🙂

So, get ready to “Rock Your Body” in a December session dedicated to the master beat-boxer, singer and dancer who’s been dropping hits since he first stole teenage girls’ hearts as a curly-haired crooner in a ’90s boy band.

Yes, Justin Timberlake, what you lack in muscle you make up for in music, captivating fans with your falsetto range, smooth lyrics and driving beats. And since those beats just make us want to dance, and since JT just gave an amazing performance here as part of his latest concert tour, why not celebrate him a little bit more? (PS: Did you know that he’s coming back for another tour stop in February??)

Join Angela, Lael and Deborah for 90 minutes of smooth hip-hop inspired by Timberlake’s lexicon of moves. Think slides, shoulder shrugs, spins, you get the idea if you’ve seen any of his music videos.

With more than a decade of music to choose from, our biggest challenge is fitting in as many of the best songs as we can – especially since we have to reserve a teeny bit of time to give a nod to JT’s roots with a little N’SYNC throwback. Speaking of which — as mentioned above, this was a bit of challenge in the first round so we’re tacking on an extra 15 minutes to make sure we can get through all of the choreography! Expect a hot mix of past and present hits. And don’t sweat it if you think you can’t dance like JT – we’ve put together routines that anyone can follow and we’ll break down the steps for the more complex combinations.

Ages 13 and up. Space is limited to make sure everyone has room to dance. So if you’re ready to “Let the Groove Get In,” get your tickets now because the last JT workshop sold out more than a week early!

To whet your appetite, here’s one of our favorite Timberlake videos:

Bringing Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake Hip-Hop Workshop

  • When: Sunday, December 15 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  • Where: The Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad St.
  • Cost: $20. (Members, click here for a discounted rate). Due to the extended preparation required for workshops, non-members may not apply gift certificates toward tickets.
  • Wear: Comfortable workout attire and athletic shoes or dance sneakers.
  • Bring: Water

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