Belly Dance


Challenge your mind, muscle control and flexibility as you move through a nonstop fusion of Middle Eastern and Turkish belly dance styles.


Beginner friendly


Low Low Intensity


Comfortable clothes and dance shoes or bare feet. A limited quantity of hip scarves are available to use during class, or bring your own!

Shimmy, sway and sweat your way to a super-toned core.


Join us for an uptempo workout that incorporates a variety of belly dance styles, from traditional Middle Eastern to earthy folkloric to American fusion. Work your hips, abs, back and arms in all sorts of new ways, while also challenging your mind, muscle control, balance and flexibility. While you’ll practice authentic moves, the main focus is staying in motion rather than perfecting technique. Expect a low-impact workout set to mix of Arabic pop, Middle Eastern dance remixes and modern American hits.

For those interested in the more technical nuances of belly dance, we offer private lessons and occasionally hold small-group Belly Dance Technique series. When offered, these sessions cover fundamental movements such as hip drops, shimmies, undulations and more. After drilling technique, you’ll learn how to string these moves into short combinations and eventually translate them into a polished repertoire, paying special attention to the musicality and stage presence that is particular to belly dance. Series will be posted here when offered, or contact us to schedule a private session.

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