Barre Fit


Push your muscles to the max with our combination of isometric barre exercises, ballet-inspired movements, Pilates and a dash of cardio dance.




Moderate, but low impact


Comfortable, fitted workout wear, like a tank top and leggings. Shoes are not necessary, however you may wish to wear socks or ballet slippers. Bring water and a mat (or use one of ours at the studio)

Tighten your core, strengthen your lower body and improve your posture at the barre!


Build strength, stamina and flexibility using ballet-inspired movements with an emphasis on fitness conditioning. Expect a mix of isometric barre exercises, cardio dance movements and Pilates targeting your glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, calves and abs. Since we love dancing, we sometimes add a few dance phrases in between exercises to give those shaking muscles a break. Class may also incorporate light weights and core exercises on the floor. Bring a mat for the last few minutes of class, or feel free to borrow one of ours.

On occasion we also offer Barre Fit Cardio classes — a mix of barre, core and Pilates exercises, but with extra cardio intervals to create a total body workout.

Absolutely no prior ballet or dance experience required. See you at the barre!

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