Build up your technique – and lower body strength – as you progress through our multi-level classical ballet program.


Indicated on each class title/description. Ranges from Absolute Beginner (Basics) to Advanced (Ballet III).


Low Low Intensity


Tights or form-fitting leggings/pants (nothing baggy), and ballet slippers or socks.

Step up to the barre to challenge your mind and stretch your body in our adult ballet classes!


Unlike many of our other classes that use dance as a fun vehicle for cardio conditioning, you’ll have the opportunity to work on technique — and some serious lower body strength — in our progressive program. Start from scratch in Ballet Basics or find your place in one of our more advanced levels.

Our expert ballet director, Beverly Holskin, brings a fun, straightforward approach and more than 20 years of teaching experience to our diverse, welcoming student community. If you took ballet in years past, send her a note and she’ll be happy to direct you to the class that’s best suited to your experience. Here’s a breakdown of our levels:

Ballet Basics (Absolute Beginner)

  • If you’ve always been intrigued by ballet but never had the chance to take classes before, this is the perfect introductory program to stock your “ballet toolbox.”
  • Learn all the fundamentals: positions, vocabulary, foundational steps, placement, musicality and more.
  • It’s totally acceptable to wear socks if you don’t have ballet slippers

Ballet I

  • Perfect for those who are newer to ballet or perhaps haven’t taken class since grade school.
  • Since we welcome a wide range of beginners, the pace of instruction is faster. For those trying ballet for the very first time, we highly recommend starting with Ballet Basics or taking that class in conjunction with Ballet I.

Ballet II

  • Designed for students with a deeper understanding of ballet terms and choreography.
  • Many students at this level opt to take pointe in conjunction with their ballet study.

Ballet III

  • Our most advanced section, designed for dancers with substantial ballet experience.
  • If you’re new to Philly Dance Fitness, contact us before registering for this section.

Ballet Fusion

  • Release your creativity as you flow through this mix of traditional ballet conditioning exercises, expressive passes across the floor and edgy, lyrical combinations.
  • Open to dancers of all levels, though some prior experience with ballet recommended.

The barre purposefully limits the size of the classes so our instructors can give individual attention to everyone. If you want an extra challenge, just ask!

Appropriate attire is necessary for all ballet classes. We recommend Baum’s Dancewear (ask about the Philly Dance Fitness discount!) or Discount Dance Supply for affordable options.

Love BALLET? You might also enjoy POINTE or BARRE classes (BalletEXTREME and Barre Fit), which combine ballet, core work and strength conditioning into a workout that anyone, regardless of dance experience, can do.

Looking for more personal attention to improve your ballet technique? Schedule a private lesson at your convenience! Prices range from $70 per hour for one student to $85 for a semi-private lesson for up to four students. Learn more here.

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