Ballet Extreme


An innovative combination of ballet and body conditioning that starts at the barre, continues with passes across the floor and finishes with core work on the mat.


Beginner friendly


Low to Moderate Low Intensity


Comfortable workout attire that’s not too baggy (like a tank top and leggings or yoga pants), and socks or ballet slippers. Bring a mat or use one from the studio.

Redefine your body with this invigorating mix of ballet, barre and conditioning.


Get a taste of the workouts dancers endure to prepare for their jobs! Each BalletEXTREME® class begins with a warm-up and muscle-shaping isometic stretches on the barre. You might recognize some of the exercises from ballet – but you won’t stop to perfect technique and the music will be anything but traditional. After that, leave the barre behind to challenge the quads, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs with a nonstop sequence of plies, tendues and jumps. Finish off on the mat with core conditioning and cool down stretches to elongate the muscles you just worked.

Don’t let the name intimidate you – absolutely no prior dance or ballet experience is required. So leave your tutu at home and come ready to push your muscles to the EXTREME!

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