African Dance

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Feel the exuberance of African rhythms in this high-octane class

Explore the dance styles of Africa and the Caribbean in this easy-to-follow African Dance Revolution program led by certified ADR instructor Lehla Olson. Expect a musical blend of African rumba, tropical, Jamaican, traditional African rhythms and hip-hop, all paired with simple, high energy steps. Be prepared for kicks, jumps, spins and high energy torso and arm movements. Every muscle in your body will get a workout during this heart-pumping cardio class.

African Dance Revolution

  • $13 drop in, one punch on a class card, or FREE for members
  • Wear comfortable workout attire. Sneakers, jazz shoes or bare feet will work.

*Moderate/high intensity
*Beginner friendly

Curious what you’ll be getting into? Check out our highlight reel to get a flavor of the class: