About Us

Philly Dance Fitness is an award-winning, independently owned fitness studio offering the greatest variety of adult dance fitness classes in the metro Philadelphia area. Whether you’re looking for hip-hop, ballet, jazz or tap, or want to try something less conventional like African, Bollywood or striptease, we’ve got a class for you. Our classes are fun, affordable and accessible. We believe that everybody can and should dance, so all of our classes come with an intimidation-free guarantee and most are suitable for students with no prior dance experience. We make dancing convenient with more than 40 classes offered at two great locations around the city – Rittenhouse & Midtown. So wherever you live or work, we invite you to come on out and work it, shake it, move it, dance!

Want a workout that will make you HAPPY?? Join the party at Philly Dance Fitness!

  • Sweat with a Smile: Dancing is pure joy! And we’ve come up with all sorts of ways to weave elements of dance into energizing, challenging total body workouts. Have fun while boosting your cardio stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • So. Many. Options: More than 25 different class offerings – the greatest variety of dance fitness in the Center City area!
  • Accessible: More than 40 weekly classes at two great locations across Philadelphia – Rittenhouse & Midtown.
  • Welcoming and Beginner Friendly: If you like dancing, we like you already. Everyone is invited to get down on our dance floor, no matter your prior experience, age, hairstyle, favorite color, dominant hand, you get the idea.
    Affordable: Drop in for as little as $19 (ballet) or $14 (regular 50-minute group classes), or save even more with class cards, unlimited passes or Memberships!
  • Student-focused: No initiation fees or hidden costs, and super lenient cancellation policies. If your schedule changes, you can adjust your plans up to four hours before an ongoing group class, penalty free!

Want to know more? We love emails!! info@phillydancefitness.com