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Dance to WIN a Tropical Vacation!

“Danced my way into my skinny jeans! Thanks Philly Dance Fitness!!” Danielle G.

“It’s the only workout that I actually look forward to. The instructors are awesome and everybody just has fun, no feeling uncomfortable.” Nick S.

“I’ve always loved dance but was not graced with any natural talent.  Being in these classes makes me feel like a dancer. I love that, at age 40, I’m learning hip hop moves for the first time. This may sound totally corny, but Philly Dance Fitness is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!” Kate M.

“It seems I’ve been to every gym and workout studio in the city and have never experienced a group fitness class that even comes close to the caliber of Philly Dance Fitness. I just moved to Rittenhouse, and so far the biggest perk of living in here is that I am only four blocks from the South Street studio!” Jenna F.

“These people make exercise fun and I love them for that.  They work hard to put together good classes, great newsletters and keep things new and exciting. Deb and her team are passionate about dance, always full of energy and great to get along with.” Nicole W.